Meet our Team!

Terri Apanasewicz

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       Terri Apanasewicz, a celebrity and fashion makeup artist and hairstylist for more than
thirty years, has a client list that includes Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber, Gisele Bundchen,
Jenifer Lewis, Ming-Na Wen, and Miranda Lambert.
        A-listers aren’t her only focus, however. Terri is a beauty guru who wants to empower
every woman, no matter her age or occupation, to look and feel her best. As a professional,
a mentor, and an advocate, Terri imparts the message that confidence is key while sharing
makeup tips and hair-styling tricks to enable women to highlight their own natural beauty.
       She believes uplifting others benefits everyone. She has a wicked sense of humor, enjoys a
good grilled-cheese sandwich, fosters abandoned pups when she can, and is the proud
“mom” of three rescue dogs ~ Myla, Roxi, and Scout.

Kalsey Hyder

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      Kalsey Hyder is an up-and-coming makeup artist with a keen interest in glam-and-go
techniques. In other words, helping clients accentuate their best features without spending hours in front of a makeup mirror. You can see her work on reality television, commercials, advertising, in music videos and on the red carpet!
      Kalsey continues to learn and grow in her craft by mentoring under other celebrity artists. Most notably, she has mentored under Terri for over a year,learning and practicing her techniques.

     Kalsey is often asked about her technique and her must-have products. Through these interactions she has found a new passion in teaching and educating women in all walk of life how to look and feel like their best self!

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