Cindy Crawford

Model, Business Owner

"I’ve been working with Terri for over 20 years. We have literally traveled the world together—Terri is always helping me put my best face (and sometimes hair) forward. Besides a great friendship, I’ve also learned some great tips and techniques to help simplify my routine. Terri’s approach to beauty is not about some overly made-up extreme makeover, but rather her expertise and creativity bring out the radiance of each woman she works with. Terri—thanks so much for all the beauty and laughs—more to come!"

Ming-Na Wen

Actress, Entrepreneur

"I’ve known Terri for over 2 decades. Her skills as a makeup artist are the best of the best! She can do a natural look and a glamorous smoky eyed look with strokes of her brushes like a master artist. The best is when the makeup doesn’t hide, but highlights your natural beauty. You will learn so much from veryTerri beauty! You will love her!"


Singer, Songwriter

"I love the way Terri glams me up for a video, album cover, and red carpet appearances without it feeling over done. I always look like me, just the best version of me for that particular occasion. Hair and makeup are perfect when she is in charge, I trust her instincts and experience wholeheartedly. And the bonus -- she's funny, kind, and creative. It’s so comfortable & relaxing just to be around her."

Desiree Gruber

CCO, Business Owner

"I’ve known Terri for over 20 years, and she is someone who truly helps you look your best self. Everybody talks about allowing your best self to shine through, but Terri really makes it happen. She is special and unique, and she has the knowledge and experience - and conviction - to help you find your best looks.  I have carried around her beauty recommendations in my make-up bags for years! She always finds the exact right shade for me!  She facilitates beauty like no one else.”

"I had the pleasure of working with Terri and Kalsey a while back, as I had some beauty concerns that I wanted to resolve. I’m a grad student here in LA, so my go to look is natural, but polished. That means foundation, concealer, mascara (maybe powder) and chapstick for me. I was struggling with choosing a foundation to match both my face and neck and with getting my concealer to not crease. These ladies not only addressed both of my concerns in detail, but they helped me sample better products to fit my skin tone and daily needs. I felt cute when I left, and I felt confident enough to implement all of their tips throughout the week because they were manageable. A few months later, and I’m still using this routine. I feel confident during the day, and they showed me how to transition it into a night look for my weekends. I will definitely continue to work with these ladies in the future, and I highly recommend them to anyone else looking to improve their makeup routine to fit their lifestyle."




"Thank you for helping make me feel confident in my new look as well as completely at ease during our masterclass session.  You both made it so fun and it is easy to see the passion that both you and Kalsey have for your profession as it radiates from you."





"I have been following Terri Apanasewicz on her #veryterribeauty platform. Watching Terri’s mini masterclass make up videos and attending her live social media sessions have been helpful in more ways than one. Her diverse live life topics and expertise in the world of beauty have rejuvenated my spirit and inspired me to step out of my mundane beauty regime and really shake it up! 
I recently had a 1/1 make up session experience with Terri, specifically around my request to more effectively apply foundation and concealer for my skin type and age group.  The experience was practical, simple, exceeded my expectations and it was fun! Not only did we talk about my life style, beauty goals, we also reviewed and used my refreshed beauty products arsenal which really made it applicable and real for me. I went away with more confidence, a splash of sass and a new set of tools as I up my beauty game! Thank you Terri Apanasewicz for helping me to look and feel my best self."


"After learning from Terri and Kalsey during a one-on-one session, I now have so much fun with my skin care and makeup routine! It’s amazing how ten minutes of self-care can really set the tone for the day and night. I feel so special and I always feel so put together and ready for anything! After our session purchased a brow gel, per Terri's recommendation, because she explained to me how critical it is to my daily look and showed me how to use it.  Thank you so much for your tips and making me look and feel confident!" 


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